Martha and Me

A homage to Martha Rosler and 'The Semiotics of the Kitchen'.  Photos taken (Each 3/4 photograph adds to a collage in the same 3/4 ratio, imitating Rosler’s aspect ratio) without set design or premeditated layout, of the kitchen one morning, subversion and double entendre in every view. 

The role of women and domesticity is changing and is having an impact on our ideas around feminism and defining gender in binary terms.  The house, designed to keep the woman inside, becomes a place of irony. To quote Kentridge: 'Lest their actions merit recognition, their deeds must not be recorded.'

Titles (from left to right)

The Wood and the Pipe, So Wet, Fruity, A Glass Jug of Nothing,
Pop the Kettle on, The Dust and the Dirt, Sliding Cappuccino, The Unbearable Weight of Being,
Side-Spray, On Reflection, Knife, Fuck and Spoon, Egg and Cheese