I believe in art as a social tool. It encourages and inspires a meaningful connectivity between people that gives us some hope. It provides a way to identify, and make explicit, experiences that are difficult to find words for.

In that spirit, my work – through sculpture, video and more – embodies a woman's experience and investigates the pivotal role of creativity in surviving everyday hardship. I use the minutiae of life’s remnants to express deeply held emotion, attempting to convert anger and grief into cathartic release.

I work collaboratively, aiming to honour the emotion and wisdom behind the narratives that I collect, and look for ways to involve the viewer as a deepening of this collaborative experience. Writing forms a large part of my practice as I unpick the stories I am given. I celebrate the power of narrative and its role in forming understanding, using film to reflect, and undermine, the ideas, assumptions and symbolism that is associated with a woman's life.

I am interested in the manner our bodies carry the pain and joy of our lives and see the body as a representation of experience. I work with clay, plaster, metal and resins to create bodies that reflect particular life events. If I manage to communicate an experience that makes women feel less alone and less angry then I feel my time is well spent.